Project Vaffelhjerte – Vaffelgutta & =Oslo

Concept Development | PR | Project Leading | Event | Social Media | Graphic Design | Photography

I finished my bachelor’s degree in Westerdals Oslo ACT in 2014, and Vaffelhjerte is the result of my bachelor project.

I wanted to challenge people’s attitudes towards drug addicts, and at the same time, explore how we can use social media for more meaningful purposes. I found out during my research process that prejudices often comes from lack of knowledge and understanding.

Together with = Oslo and Vaffelgutta I developed and realized the concept Vaffelhjerte, with me in charge. The solution was a question and answer sequence on Facebook, between drug addicts and people. Everyone could ask a drug addict a question, in their own safe surroundings, and they would get an honest answer. A team of volunteers helped us out in =Oslos house in the city center. This is a place where drug addicts often hang out, and during this day also answered over 300 questions on Facebook.

In May 2014, as the first and only student, I won Sølvfisken (a digital advertising competition) for this project. Read the full article on here.

My areas of expertise in the project Vaffelhjerte included:

Concept development

Graphic Design: I designed all the visual elements in the project.

Photography: I had volunteers taking pictures and video, but did also take a lot myself.

Project leading: through the process in advance, and during the event.

Vaffelhjerte on facebook

For every person writing a question on facebook, we gave a waffle to a homeless, with the name of the person asking the question on the box.

We did several stunts on the street and on facebook to engage people to ask questions.