Event Design – Bergård Amundsen

Event Design | Concept Development

Together with a small team of freelancers, FLINK was responsible for the whole event of Bergård Amundsens 70 years anniversary. My role in the team was event design.

The celebration was a full-day event; with activities in the morning, concert and lunch at Ingensteds, and a boat trip before entering Ingierstrand Bad Restaurant where the guests had their final stop for dinner.

My areas of expertise in this project included:

Develop and produce all creative content for the activities and events during the whole day.

Create a plan for all graphics needed for the whole event.

Responsibility for all scenography and props.

Lead the event design preparations in advance, during the day and after the event.

Design, plan, prepare and build a pop-up exhibition at the restaurant Ingjerstrand Bad.

Design and produce a light installation for the pop-up exhibition.

Daytime Activities

Post 1: Get dressed for a group picture

Post 2: Solve the problems.

Post 3: Get ready for disco fever with flowers in your hair.

Post 4: Make graffiti art to the pop-up exhibition

Lunch and “disco” at Ingensteds

Dinner and exhibition at Ingierstrand Bad Restaurant

Everyone got a lightbulb each to place in the light installation.

Video: The process of making a light installation