About Me.

Remember David and Goliath? Well, FLINK is the smallest agency in town, counting one person – me. However, my opinion is that being small-scale is a good thing because it makes me flexible, cost-efficient and I get closer to you, my dear client. If the project is too big for me alone, I team up with the right people.

Miriam Wallenius

Communication Consultant

I am a creative strategist with a passion for storytelling and specialization within event and design. I believe in driving company growth through creative and innovative thinking. My mission is to engage to have an impact, no matter the channel, message, and people.

With my twelve years of work and educational experience within the communication industry, I have developed substantial expertise in brand communication, content production, and event design. I have become an expert in working both visually and with text.

At the moment, I´m Oslo based (as long as we can communicate on mail and skype, it doesn’t matter where you are located). I´m working freelance for communication- and event agencies, and clients within different fields such as; health, sports, environment, technology, human rights, fashion, and entrepreneurship.

I enjoy working both in-house for more extended periods and project-based. However, after working independently for many years, and to further develop my skills, I´m now also seeking a fulltime, in-house job.

Because of my passion for entrepreneurship, environment, and human rights, I often contribute to projects/businesses in an early stage, period with changes and growth, and projects with meaning. My heartfelt ambition is to use my competence and creative mindset to contribute to projects that will make a change for the environment or society.

My areas of expertise include:
– Graphic design
– Art direction
– Writing
– Web publishing
– Concept development
– Photography
– Communication
– PR
– Social media
– Advertising
– Adobe Creative: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Premiere
– Web design: WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace
– Event design and event management
– Online marketing: SEO, Google Analytics, Google search console, and Google Ads
– Trade marketing